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The game Space Missile Command was featured on the What’s Hot category in the US App Store and consequently, was also featured on the Corona blog.

It’s great because the developer – Mo from @LairdGames – was developing it for a while and he deserves the sales and reviews the game’s getting.

I’m also happy about it because some of the UI components and the app icon were made by me, and it’s fantastic to see that people are enjoying the game (and by extension, the graphics, he he).

Check out some of the versions of the logo I’ve showed Mo (he chose the last one):

Space Command Icons

I hope the game continues to attract people and becomes a great success.

I’m very thankful to Mo for using my images on his game and for being so thankful now that the game’s getting attention. This blog’s been getting a great amount of visits because of him and he didn’t need to do it. And for that, I thank him very much.

To Mo. *salute and congratulations*

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