Q’31 Restaurant – Responsive Web Design

This is a website I designed and coded (in WordPress with Bootstrap) for a seafood restaurant in Portugal.

They wanted something elegant and distinctive.

Their existing branding was brown together with white, so I used brown as an accent color with big contrasting white elements.



I got the idea for the background when they sent me this photo with the prosciutto served on a basalt tablet. I suggested presenting the whole website as if its elements were laid out on a stone table or counter with ingredients and dishes around, and they liked it.


Detail of the footer with the custom-drawn map.


The reservation form modal window.

And the non-scary informative error messages on it.

It was overall a fun project (specially masking the photos of shrimp and dishes to place on the background, making sure none would move behind the content enough to make it unreadable on smaller screens).

You can visit the website here. Feel free to visit the restaurant as well :)

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