Game Idea: Futuristic Nanotech Game

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I’ve thought about a game set in an environment where nanotechnology is ubiquitous.

The main concept would be that any object in the player’s inventory could be transformed into nanobots and by that effect, in any other object in the player’s database.

This way, the player would have available any object he wanted in a matter of seconds, requiring only the sacrifice of some other objects that were not as useful at that time.


If there were weapons in this game, a good way of intrinsically limiting the player’s access to real world weapons they might want, would be to place the game’s civilization in another planet or time period and separate it from the current time. Imagining the player’s on a planet called Ghanos, he could only recreate PG technology (Post-Ghanos). Being all the previous technology (our current tech) considered of low quality, old-fashioned and unreliable.


Since bullets would use up nanobots really fast, maybe it would be interesting that this was a stealth game, this way avoiding the need to shoot at everything in sight. It would even be possible to base that idea in the plot, if the game’s civilization would be too ethical to allow the free use of guns.


As nanobots are minuscule, there would be billions of them on any object. For example, if a nanobot has a volume of 1nm^3, a 7cm^3 bullet would need nanobots..

So, I believe that in that time, people would count nanobot amounts the same way we count any current large unit: with the mega, giga, tera, etc prefixes. For the necessary amounts, even tera wouldn’t cut it. Only zetta and yota would be enough to represent these numbers. A bullet would require about 7 zettabots (7×10^21) or 7ZB’s for short.


If the game’s buildings – or some of them – would be made of nanobots, it would be possible to the player to convert a small garage into a war tank or helicopter.

Even without needing a complete rebuild, it would be possible to change the look of walls, room layout or any material in seconds.

It would be possible to the player to attack an enemy complex, and escape because of high resistance. And when the player came back, the complex be completely different, both visually as in the layout of all the parts.

By changing objects’ materials, the player’s experience could also be completely changed. Changing the floor to an elastic surface, or the walls to glass or mirrors would make progress and hiding challenging.


The player could use nanotechnology to manage the health and physical state of the main character. He could have nanobots spread through all the cells in his body, repairing damage, increasing efficiency, reporting problems and making him effectively invulnerable (as would be all the other game’s characters).


The main character would need some sort of interface that allowed him to control the nanobots. Maybe just by being inside his body, his nervous system would be able to interact mentally with them, allowing the player to see his inventory, change settings and convert and create objects.

If in the game, the enemy faction had weapons created separately from the player’s faction, he wouldn’t be able to build their weapons until getting them for the first time. This would allow a gradual progression of available weapons’ capacities.

The character would see on the interface the amount of nanobots available and in use in his inventory, and then redirect them to build new items, strengthen his physical constitution (to increase his speed, resistance and other skills), build shelter to protect him and even vehicles.

I posted this before in Portuguese.

The 3D models I used for the image are from here:
Futuristic Assault Rifle –
Bullet –

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