Game Idea: Bringing Hacking to the Futuristic Nanotech Game

Game Ideas

While thinking about the Futuristic Nanotech Game, I’ve thought that with such amount of technology, hacking would become the most useful skill ever.

You could take over entire buildings, vehicles and even people. That would bring a enormous potential to a game.


Since the nanobots are really, just tiny computers, they would only give control access to users with the required permissions.

Some of the control would require sudo privileges (of course they use unix). That could require a password. The player would insert one and if it was correct, the bots would obey him, if not, they could deny access, sound an alarm or even disable themselves.

If the user didn’t know the password, he could send a bunch of nanobots to hack the other nanobots into submission. They could wirelessly use some sort of DoS attack on each bot, and take over their boot sequence.

If the user had a lot of nanobots available, the hacking would be instant. If not, it would take longer, as each of his bots would have more than one bot to hack.

Maybe the un-hacked bots would even hack the player’s bots and create some resistance this way. If the unbalance was too great, the player would even lose his own bots.


In a world filled with nanotechnology, wireless connections would be essential, so we must assume that all the bots would be constantly connected to the internet and that software updates would be instant.

This would create problems for the player when he wanted to take control of enemy-owned objects’ nanobots. They could warn the enemy of the player’s location and actions, try to hack the player or install a virus.

So the player could resort to using a wireless signal blocker to prevent all nanobots in the vicinity from accessing the internet. Then he could connect to them by using a short distance wireless connection, in a frequency that he wasn’t blocking.

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