Short Stories

The Subscribers of Death

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In a future where it’s possible to share your mind with others through a computer, websites like YouTube allow interesting people to share their adventures with others. People subscribe and tune in to shows. One day, several of the most famous broadcasters get killed during their shows and leave the subscribers like dead.

Project Abyss

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It’s late and dark. A silhouette approaches in the distance through the rain. It’s an acquaintance I haven’t seen in a while. They hand over a binder, it’s the description of a project. Without looking at me, they turn around and leave again through the fog and shadows. Third one this week. I go back […]

A Day In 2050

Fiction, Perspective, Short Stories

Dave wakes up with the intense light entering the room. It’s 7 am, so the east wall is now completely transparent. He gets up from the bed, does a few stretches and gets in the lotus position on the floor right in front of the transparent wall, looking over the magnificent landscape before him. The Sun is […]

Um dia em 2050

Perspective, Short Stories

Como será um dia na minha vida daqui a 40 anos? Uma pequena história (3000+ palavras) fictícia a descrever o que eu penso que será um dia no nosso futuro próximo. Vejam só o fim do post se não quiserem ler tudo