My new Sony NEX 5

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I had been looking for a camera for a while and recently found one I liked at a decent price on craigslist. The camera I was looking for was any Sony NEX, and I ended up getting a NEX 5, which is a great mirrorless camera. It came with the 18-55mm kit lens, which I […]

What happens to your website after you die?

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This subject has had a particular interest of mine for quite a while now. When you die, what happens to all your social media accounts, blogs, tumblrs and personal websites? The answer is that they stay the same, mostly. Your social media accounts would stay open until the respective company went bankrupt. Your free blog services too. […]

WordPress Dashboard Wordcount Plugin

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I’ve made a simple WordPress plugin that shows you how many words you’ve written in all your posts, the average number of words per post, how old your website is (since your oldest post) and also the number of words in all the comments posted (comments posted by you and comments posted by other users/visitors). […]

The Subscribers of Death

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In a future where it’s possible to share your mind with others through a computer, websites like YouTube allow interesting people to share their adventures with others. People subscribe and tune in to shows. One day, several of the most famous broadcasters get killed during their shows and leave the subscribers like dead.

Protected: Filming Undershaft Monologue

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

My New Copic Multiliner SP

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I’ve been drawing lots of user interface sketches for my current project. I mostly use fineliners to draw those and my favorite pens are the Copic Multiliner SP, they are beautifully made and the materials are top-notch. They’re made of aluminium (aluminum?) and feel wonderful and cool in the hand. The fact that they’re thicker […]

Editing Icons until Pixel-Perfect

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Final Project

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Well, this is the final semester of my degree. I have only three subjects + a final project. Two of the three subjects only last half a semester, so we have one of them first, then it ends and we have the other one. So I have classes twice a week only. As for the […]

Making of a Photo Blog Post

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Here’s a time-lapse screencast of me making the previous blog post. It shows me selecting the best pictures from the G+ album (it had the all the photos taken that night), editing all of them in Photoshop and then uploading them to this WordPress blog, reordering all of them and writing some content. I’ve first […]

Developing a Software that Develops Software

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A recurrent process in software engineering is to design and develop systems to deal with the business-logic of a particular field. That happens on and on. A company hires a development team, describes their processes, the development team abstracts all the information from that, designs a software to match it, develops the system, delivers the […]

Stiless M4000A


In pursuit of Beauty? Don’t search anywhere else. The Stiless M4000A is a synonym of Beauty. Anything you can imagine is possible with this high technology equipment. The M4000A is based on countless investigations that make it absolutely reliable. The treatments provided by the M4000A turn Botox, Liposuction and many others in obsolete techniques. All […]

First Video

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The first video we made is already on YouTube: We just filmed it in front of a white wall with the camera on a tripod. We tried using auto focus on one of the tests, but the camera was constantly trying to focus during the video and so we let it focus and then changed […]