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Green KitKat

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Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms

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Got Postcard From Friend!

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Solar-Powered Jacket

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Black Friday is Nuts

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Cupcake Cakes Are a Thing in Canada

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Protected: Surprise Gift

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Awesome Teacher

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Context: I’ve found this draft with notes I’ve taken a long time ago. I had this teacher who was full of awesome, so I wrote down some of the gold she spewed out during class. Enjoy. I have a new teacher today. She’s middle aged and is just complaining about everything. She said she’s tired of Christmas. […]

Making of a Photo Blog Post

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Here’s a time-lapse screencast of me making the previous blog post. It shows me selecting the best pictures from the G+ album (it had the all the photos taken that night), editing all of them in Photoshop and then uploading them to this WordPress blog, reordering all of them and writing some content. I’ve first […]

Project Abyss

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It’s late and dark. A silhouette approaches in the distance through the rain. It’s an acquaintance I haven’t seen in a while. They hand over a binder, it’s the description of a project. Without looking at me, they turn around and leave again through the fog and shadows. Third one this week. I go back […]

Photo Shoot

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Here’s some pictures from Sunday’s photo shoot for the new blog picture. My brother and his girlfriend ended up taking photos as well. These are NOT the best ones. I’m sure the best ones will end up being used for other things. These are the ones no one else would end up seeing. Enjoy

App do Génio Malvado

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Lembram-se do anúncio do Génio Malvado? E se aproveitássemos essa ideia para criar uma aplicação para telemóvel? A aplicação ficava instalada no telemóvel e pelo menos uma vez por dia mostrava uma mensagem com uma “missão” que a pessoa devia cumprir nesse dia. As mensagens seriam supostamente enviadas pelo líder malvado e psicopata, mas seriam […]