Blog’s 4th Anniversary


Yay, the blog is 4 years old since yesterday!

The stats tell me the blog has:

  • 187 Posts totaling 118.546 words (averaging at 633 words per post, or about a post every two weeks)
  • 135 Posts in Portuguese and the more recent 52 in English
  • 738 Comments (averaging at 4 per post or about one every couple of days)
  • 7493 Spam Comments.. (averaging at about 5 a day..)
  • 42.265 Visits (averaging at around 29 a day)
  • 55.8% of visitors are from Portugal and 35.1% from Brazil
  • 48.7% of visitors use Google Chrome and 21.9% use Mozilla Firefox
  • 86.1% of desktop visitors are using Windows (5.4% for Macintosh) and 52.2% of mobile visitors are using Android (29.9% for iOS)

In the last year, I’ve taken my blogging to an unplanned level by starting to publish private posts.

Also, changes in my life and outlook made me much happier than before, and even happier than I thought possible.

Asus UX32VD

Also, my laptop arrived today from warranty. They’ve replaced the keyboard and now it works perfectly. Yay. No more blogging from my phone and tablet..

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