Let them eat oats

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Recently, someone said I should have a blog. Interestingly, I do have one. I haven’t used it much, though. Just like it’s difficult to admit when things are not going well, I believe it’s difficult to admit it when things are going well. As if daring to utter such words could cause some sort of karmic […]

My new Sony NEX 5

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I had been looking for a camera for a while and recently found one I liked at a decent price on craigslist. The camera I was looking for was any Sony NEX, and I ended up getting a NEX 5, which is a great mirrorless camera. It came with the 18-55mm kit lens, which I […]

My Spotify Year in Music 2015

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I started using Spotify last year and it’s been a great improvement. Thanks to its playlists and moods, I discovered a lot of songs I would never have known. Yesterday, I found out about the Spotify Year in Music website, where they assemble your year’s statistics into a few colorful screens, which were very interesting and […]

What happens to your website after you die?

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This subject has had a particular interest of mine for quite a while now. When you die, what happens to all your social media accounts, blogs, tumblrs and personal websites? The answer is that they stay the same, mostly. Your social media accounts would stay open until the respective company went bankrupt. Your free blog services too. […]

WordPress Dashboard Wordcount Plugin

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I’ve made a simple WordPress plugin that shows you how many words you’ve written in all your posts, the average number of words per post, how old your website is (since your oldest post) and also the number of words in all the comments posted (comments posted by you and comments posted by other users/visitors). […]

Windows 10


I just got the notification to reserve the free update to Windows 10! That’s so cool Michael’s computer didn’t get it yet. I’m very curious about trying Windows 10. Not that I disliked Windows 8, but I assume there will be even more improvements in all areas. And I’m specially curious about having Cortana on […]

This website has a new look! Whaaa!


I’ve been wanting to do a complete redesign of my website/blog for years. But I usually didn’t have time or a particularly interesting idea on what to do. During the time I didn’t have my computer, I had an idea for the website, where it would have colored triangles behind the titles of sections, and […]

Art On The Spot – Urban Sketchers Meetup

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I just finished the website and dashboard design I’ve been working on. This was by far, the largest design job I’ve done and the largest website too. I built over twenty dashboard pages, one landing page describing and selling the software, I created a brand image, applied it to all the created pages, and I also […]

I’m on Instagram now!


I had quite some free time during the past two weeks (on the account of not having my laptop), so I installed Instagram on my phone and posted pictures almost every day since then. I’ve started enjoying Instagram. I mostly post my work and drawings. I follow people with cool photography, webdesign or UI work and […]

New Charger


The new power adapter for my computer arrived and I’ve been working like crazy to make up for the two weeks without my trusty computer. However, when the new charger is connected to the computer, the touchpad works very erratically and randomly clicks and right-clicks while I touch it. Then I disconnect the charger and […]

Green KitKat

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