Vancouver Urban Sketchers Meetup: Surrey City Centre Library


Vancouver Urban Sketchers Meetup: Deer Lake Park


The Subscribers of Death

In a future where it’s possible to share your mind with others through a computer, websites like YouTube allow interesting people to share their adventures with others. People subscribe and tune in to shows. One day, several of the most famous broadcasters get killed during their shows and leave the subscribers like dead.

Moon Landing Newspaper & Magazine


My New Copic Multiliner SP


I’ve been drawing lots of user interface sketches for my current project. I mostly use fineliners to draw those and my favorite pens are the Copic Multiliner SP, they are beautifully made and the materials are top-notch. They’re made of

Delicious Pancakes


My New Office Chair


I’ve been really in need of a new desk chair. The previous one hurt my back and I couldn’t be sitting there for more than 45 minutes before starting to change position ad infinitum. Went to a couple of stores,

Got Postcard From Friend!


Shooting the Blog’s 2015 Photo


Solar-Powered Jacket


Black Friday is Nuts


Inside the Vancouver Skytrain


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