What I do

I enjoy designing user interfaces for websites, apps and games. I've been known to develop Android apps and even a few games. Mostly, I make websites. You can download my CV here.


I design user interfaces for websites, apps and games. I care about responsive design and usability. Details are important for me, and so is good typography. I do the occasional graphic design job too.


I develop websites and Android apps. I use WordPress a lot and have dabbled with J2EE and Unity (would love to do it again). I use Bootstrap and LESS often, and am very willing to learn new languages and frameworks.


I have filmed and edited audio and video, written and edited copy, made logistics and marketing plans, taken promotional photography and edited that too. I like to try and learn everything, and crave challenges.

My work

Here's some of my recent work. It can give you an idea of the things I do and enjoy doing. It doesn't mean these are the only kinds of things I do. Though most of my work is made of pixels, I'm not afraid of dealing with paper!

Find me

Beside this website and blog, I use several social networks (some more than others). Here are my latest Instagram pictures:

About me

I'm a citizen of the internet, currently living in Vancouver. I enjoy drawing, cooking, writing, and making things. I love meeting awesome people and working on cool projects. You can read more about me and contact me here.