You benefited from all of those who came before you. And you need to help your fellow designers and those who follow after you. You are merely the present link in a chain that stretches back to the dawn of humanity. And part of a network that spans the globe. And just like you learned from the mistakes of those in the past, you need to document and share your own successes and failures for the benefit of those coming after you. Learn from those that came before and inspire those who came next.

- Mike Monteiro

Making Hummus


A bit of olive oil and a teaspoon of cumin. Half a lemon of juice. A jar of chickpeas. Yum. Take their water out. Maybe save it, in case the paste gets too thick. Blend it all! It’s not easy

Awesome Teacher

Context: I’ve found this draft with notes I’ve taken a long time ago. I had this teacher who was full of awesome, so I wrote down some of the gold she spewed out during class. Enjoy. I have a new teacher today.

May in Photos


Here’s again my colleagues, working on our final presentation for this subject. We merged our two companies into one! The presentation went well (I didn’t mess anything up this time, and said everything without reading notes, yay). Public Speaking +2 Someone’s

Another Photo Day in Gaia


Furniture and Sports Store Visit


Fun time with Eloísa


It had been a long time since I’ve seen Eloísa, and she was coming to Porto because of Free Comic Book Day, so we planned a meet. Eloísa is one of the people I talk to when I have something

Hot Chocolate in Gaia


Protected: Judgy

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Protected: Birthday Gift


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